Monday, November 8, 2010

Who Am I Kidding

Really though.
Who Am I flickin Kidding?
I am clearly never going to finish this book challenge. I may read the required amount of books (if I spend the rest of the time reading and not sleeping or functioning normally) But I will never blog about it in a timely matter.
So I guess it's time to modify some shiz (like my goals) and just admit that I'm not super human, I'm just a mum...with a lot of shit to do.

Bonus though, since I've decided to live guilt free about not completing my challenge, I can go ahead and enjoy the activities I have been doing.
Brownies, Sparks, PAC (parent advisory committee) and Crafting. Yay! crafting my new favourite hobby.
Everyone I know is getting something homemade for Christmas this year. If it's crap, well suck it up buttercup because chances are I either bled and/or cried over what I made you.... so you bloody well better like it!

I still make time to read, and I'll keep a running list (on the side...over there -->) of books I've read (and when I eventually get a chance, I'll also post a review).

So cheers to letting go to impossible expectations, and to starting new hobbies!

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  1. You can do it!! :) I belieeeeeeve in you! ;) LOVE YOU!