Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Been Awhile...

Epic Fail!

Dang it Bobby!

I didn't make the 300 books in one year. I also haven't blogged about the books I've read in some time. See the side bar---------------------->

those are the books I've read so far. See post below?





That's the last book I've blogged about.

So I've read (up to this point) 195 books (not even 200....hanging my head in shame)
and I've blogged about 78 books.

I am a failure in all aspects.


I plan to forge ahead and stretch out this challenge...or disaster....for another year.

So the new plan is to have read 600 books total by July 8th, 2011....and blog about it.
So essentially I have to read 405 books in less than a year if I want to accomplish my (modified) goal. And do all this while still taking care of my family and house.

Can I do it? Yep! I kinda have to. How embarrassing would it be to fail 2 years in a row? Pretty dang embarrassing.

So, Here's to another year of reading...and getting my lazy ass in gear! (raising my margarita glass, as it's the only way I can deal with this shame) Cheers!

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