Saturday, January 9, 2010

Book Number 66

So it's been a pretty long while since I've read this book, so long in fact I had a hard time remembering it even after I read a synopsis online.
Usually I've been writing down in my little "ideas book" which books I've read and what I've though about them so that when I finally did get around to blogging about it I wouldn't have this problem....but I guess this is one of the books I didn't bother to write down.

The Novel: Nowhere To Run
The Author: Mary Jane Clark

So this book was another random library pick, which if you've read my blog at all, you'll know it means it was a friggin 6th book in a series. A series which I haven't read before. Dang It!

It was still a good book though. The writing was concise. The characters were believable and the storyline was interesting throughout.
Mary Jane Clark uses her knowledge of television producing and writing to make the setting and the interactions amongst the characters realistic.
All in all this book was pretty good. I would have preferred to have had the chance to read her previous books in the series before reading this one, but "it is what it is".

I give "Nowhere To Run" a rating of 3 out of 5.

I will probably give this author another go one day, but as my reading plate is pretty full I find I want to spend my reading time on new authors or authors that have pumped out books with a rating of 4 or higher (in my opinion).

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