Saturday, January 9, 2010

Book Number 68

Juvenile/ Young Adult fiction is really hit or miss with me.

The Novel: Deeper (book 2 in the Tunnels series)
The Authors: Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams

This book was a "meh it's okay" type of book. It was better than the first in the series, but like it's predecessor it ran long.
The characters are a little more interesting this go around and the action picks up quicker in this novel.
I guess I feel as though my YA fiction should read less juvenile and more's hard to explain. And You'd think with a novel being set for the 11- 17 ish age group that it wouldn't be so bloody long.
There are good elements to this novel as there were in the first novel, however I'm not a huge fan of the series so far. It's not really my style but I feel compelled to see this series to it's conclusion as I hope with the characters maturing the story line will begin to reflect that.

I give "Deeper" a rating of 2.75 out of 5.

Don't let the pervy title fool you, this novel is not like a typical teen novel with some teen angst and sexual tension, it is as far from it as you can get.

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