Saturday, January 9, 2010

Book Number 67

I had absolutely no problem remembering this book. In fact I am making a note to find more works by this author.

The Novel: Kill Me
The Author: Stephen White

This novel's premise is very intriguing to me. It made me think, which is nice because my mind is going soft....
This novel was exciting from start to finish. I could picture the action sequences in my head as though I were watching the latest action thriller at the theatre.
Granted this book is not the first in a series, therefore I should be pissed off....I'm not however. The recurring character (from the other novels) is a minor character so I didn't feel cheated by not reading the other novels first.
The central character was likable as was the other protagonist characters in this novel. The bad guys were bad, but they weren't that easy to dislike.
I also enjoyed the author's way of laying out some of the storyline in non-chronological order. It wasn't confusing, which you might expect, but an interesting way of telling the story.

I give "Kill Me" a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

I love it when an author takes a concept that I've either discussed or thought about and lays it down in a well written exciting story.

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