Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Book Number 78

I enjoy non-fiction almost as much as fiction. I don't know why I don't read more non-fiction. I should really smarten up.

The Novel: A Big Little Life A Memoir Of A Joyful Dog
The Author: Dean Koontz


DEAN KOONTZ thought he had everything he needed. A successful novelist with more than twenty #1 New York Times bestsellers to his credit, Dean had forged a career out of industry and imagination. He had been married to his high school sweetheart, Gerda, since the age of twenty, and together they had made a happy life for themselves in their Southern California home. It was the picture of peace and contentment. Then along came Trixie.

Dean had always wanted a dog—had even written several books in which dogs were featured. But not until Trixie was he truly open to the change that such a beautiful creature could bring about in him. Trixie had intelligence, a lack of vanity, and an uncanny knack for living in the present. And because she was joyful and direct as all dogs are, she put her heart into everything—from chasing tennis balls, to playing practical jokes, to protecting those she loved.

A service dog with Canine Companions for Independence, Trixie retired at three to become an assistance dog of another kind. She taught Dean to trust his instincts, persuaded him to cut down to a fifty-hour work week, and, perhaps most importantly, renewed in him a sense of wonder that will remain with him for the rest of his life. She mended him in many ways.

Trixie weighed only sixty-something pounds, Dean occasionally called her Short-Stuff, and she lived less than twelve years. In this big world, she was a little thing, but in all the ways that mattered, including the effect she had on those who loved her, she lived a big life.

My Thoughts:
I am not a dog lover (well overly) I like dogs. I think they are cool. I just don't like their poop, or dogs who are mean. I am more of a cat person (hubby deals with the litter box). I guess I might be a dog person, but I've never had the opportunity to own a dog so I can't say how I'd be if I had one.
Anyway.... This book is all about Dean Koontz, his life and his dog Trixie. If I had a dog like Trixie, I'd probably be a dog person. This dog was amazing, and this book about this dog made me want to go out and get a dog (well up until I had a visit from the in laws and their little poop machine, then I came to my senses)
This book was eloquently written. I developed feelings for this sweet dog I've never met. I laughed and cried during this book.
Dean Koontz has a rare talent. He writes non-fiction with the same style and grace you'd find in one of his fiction novels. I was entertained throughout this whole novel. If anything this novel made me appreciate Dean Koontz more. I enjoyed the glimpse into his personal life and the adventures with his wonderful dog.

I give "A Big Little Life" a rating of 3.75 out of 5.

Now if all my neighbours dogs could be even 1/2 of what Trixie was, I suspect I wouldn't have so many issues with shit in my yard or pee on my recycling bin.

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