Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OK I'll Admit It

I am spectacularly behind right now. I've read a bunch of books but haven't blogged about them (see the side book list, like I said way behind) I'm also really behind on my reading.

Being behind on my reading doesn't bother me too much (ok, maybe a little) because I know that eventually I'll catch up and I'll meet my goal of 300 books in a year.

I've got plenty of excuses why I'm behind, but the big one is that I've been sick with this blasted cold. I spent a whole week in bed and didn't even turn on the computer (so there ya go, a good enough reason not to blog)

I could have spent that time in bed reading, but I figured the fastest way to get better would be to sleep, so my reading time was cut way way down...but as a bonus I got to wear my PJ's all day and I don't feel one damn bit guilty about it either!

So anyway, there's my reasoning take it as you will......

I'm starting to feel better now aside from a cough that just will not go away, arrrggggg (which in turn leaves me a bit breathless, but I figure its a good reason to take it easy and get some reading done)

I feel as though I've read more books that I have...it's weird.... It's probably because I fell asleep so many times reading that I reread several pages over and over, and now it feels like I've read an extra book....dunno.

well that's enough of my excuses now it's really time to buckle down and get this reading and blogging done.

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