Sunday, February 14, 2010

Book Number 70

The Novel: The Visibles
The Author: Sara Shepard

Synopsis (Taken from the author's web page):

When introduced to the concept that DNA defines who we are and forever ties us to our relatives, Summer Davis clings to the idea like a life raft, allowing her to feel connected to her beautiful, aloof mother, who abruptly abandoned the family. Summer's father responds to their loss by descending into mental illness, haunted by a lifelong burning secret and abetted by a series of letters that he writes to make sense of his feelings. As Summer deals with her father's illness, her brother's indifference, and her own relationships from adolescence to adulthood, she begins to question the role of genetics and whether she is powerless to escape her family's legacy of despair. But when she decides to put off a science career in New York City to take care of her great-aunt Stella, bedrock of the family and bastion of country wisdom, irreverent insight, and Sinatra memorabilia, Summer begins to learn that her biography doesn't have to define her-and that her future, like her DNA, belongs to her alone.

My Thoughts:
I liked this novel better than Sara Shepard's YA novels (The Pretty Little Liars series). This novel has the right elements to entertain me without the teen bullshit that her other novels are saturated with.
Summer Davis is a character that is believable and I couldn't help but feel for her and her situation. The character faces many challenges through her journey and I was immediately sucked in.
The building suspense kept me entertained, although the characters inability to progress at points (her independence) left me frustrated...which was exactly how it was intended to come across.

I give " The Visibles" a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

All in all I enjoyed this novel and I look forward to any other non YA novels that this Author may produce in the future.

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