Thursday, September 3, 2009

Book Number 42

I decided to get this book (and it's sequel) because Stephenie Meyer (Author of the Twilight Series) recommended them. I will take book recommendations anywhere I can get them. I love reading different kinds of books and the best way to do that is by a recommendation...HINT HINT...I would love more book recommendations please.... ;o)

The Novel: Dreamhunter
The Author: Elizabeth Knox

The plot behind this book is unique. I've not read anything similar (yet), so this book definitely had that going for it. Apparently this book is considered Young Adult fiction...I found it read unlike other YA books aside from the main character being in her teens. This novel was less romance and teen angst and more based around the fantasy genre.
I'm not set on my opinion about this book. I'd like to read the sequel first to form a true stick-to-my-guns opinion.
I found the novel to be very descriptive so I could picture the setting easily. The characters were interesting and the plot unique......but even still, I just can't decide if I like this novel or not. This is one of those times that I feel I need to read the sequel to form an honest opinion and decide whether or not I'd recommend this novel.


I give "Dreamhunter" a rating of ??? out of 5.

How can I not know??? I just don't, not yet. But I'll come back and update my rating once I've read the other novel.

***UPDATE: I decided that I didn't like this novel as much as the second in the I give "Dreamhunter" a rating of 3.25 out of 5.
I'd recommend this series if you can stick with it through the first novel because the second is a lot more action packed. I did find both novels well written, I just had a hard time giving them 100% of my attention.


  1. :o Let me know if it is good!!
    ... haha I have ordered too many books again.. and they keep piling up on me :P I am supposed to finish this one book before 3 so I can bring it back to the library. So I guess I should get working on it! Haha but almost done so oh well! OH and it is pretty good, it is called City of Bones by Cassandra Clare... not sure if you will like it, but meh just a suggestion! :) I will tell you more about it if you want later on.