Monday, September 28, 2009

Book Number 56

Another book down, a gazillion left to go. Time to quit slacking and start reading I'd say. Dang it Bobby!

The Novel: The Wedding Girl
The Author: Madeleine Wickham

I find some works by Madeleine Wickham to be hit and miss. The wedding girl was a hit. It was pretty entertaining. I was sufficiently stressed out for the main character and was hoping that things would work out for her. Some characters were irritating (which I assume was intentional). The story was entertaining, although some parts didn't seem plausible (although, I don't always expect true to real life in my fiction, that's why it's fiction).
Near the end there was a twist with the sister character. It kind of came out of nowhere...not exactly true, there was some allusion to her plight.... but the resolution to her situation was too convenient and probably could have been left out of the story and the novel still have been a good chick lit. Although not as upbeat and silly as I expect my chick lit to be. So, in conclusion, I found this book to be good, but not great. I liked that it was a quick read and it wasn't "heavy" like some other types of novels.

I give "The Wedding Girl" a rating of 3.25 out of 5.


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