Monday, September 21, 2009

Book Number 52

Not much time for blogging so I'll get straight to it...

The Novel: Foreign Body
The Author: Robin Cook

Foreign Body has some characters (Jack Stapleton / Laurie Montgomery) that I've read in other Robing Cook books. These two characters aren't central to the story, therefore you don't have to read the other books with them in it to know what's going on. This book is technically in the Jack Stapleton / Laurie Montgomery series, but they seem to be secondary characters.
I enjoy almost all novels written by Robin Cook, and Foreign Body was no exception. The novel was action packed and fast paced. I enjoy medical mysteries a lot (because they freak me out) and this novel was a good one. Nice character development, interesting plot.
My one issue with this novel is that it ended so abruptly. The ending seemed rushed and thrown together. Actually when I really think about it, this novel was great until the ending which disappointed me a lot. The ending itself was a nice conclusion, but was executed poorly. It's almost as if Mr.Cook ran out of time and banged out the last pages in a few hours.
All that being said....

I give "Foreign Body" a rating of 3.25 out of 5.

I've recently found that a lot of my favourite authors (ie: Patricia Cornwell, Robin Cook, Stephen King) from "back in the day" are writing "sloppier" than they used to, with disappointing results. It's almost as if they feel that they don't have to work as hard anymore now that they have several novels published with national acclaim. It's ok for them because they get paid (books sell on the author's reputation) but it sucks for us the reader because sometimes we put out money for "shit". (That's why I'm a fan of the library)

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