Monday, September 14, 2009

Book Number 50

Being a milestone, I feel as though Book #50 should have been an extraordinary book. It's pages should have been filled with tales of intrigue, action, drama and humour. I should have picked a different book if I wanted to make my 50th book an auspicious occasion. Dang It, Bobby!

The Novel: The Daughters of Simon Lamoreaux
The Author: David Long

Well this book is easy to review. It was bloody boring. I'm sure others may disagree, but this book could not hold my attention. It was a struggle to finish. It took me several days to read this 270 page novel.
I can't even tell you if it was well written (as in good character development, etc) Because I was so bored. I just felt I had to get through it so that I could move on and read something vastly more interesting.
I'm disappointed. I really enjoyed the last novel I read by David Long (book #32: The Inhabited World). I know that not every book a person writes will be good, but this book was shit compared to "The Inhabited World".
Ah well, I've got 2 other books here by David Long that I intend to read this week, we'll see if he redeems himself.

I give "The Daughters of Simon Lamoreaux" a rating of 2.25 out of 5.

I am so bloody behind on my reading. This book took so long to read, I'll never be able to reach my reading goals if I let books like this into my life. They can't all be good I suppose.

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