Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Book Number 47

Book 47 done! Yay! But that means I still have 3 more books to read before tomorrow if I want to meet my mini goal of 25 books in a month. Hubby has graciously taken Little Miss out to play and he will happily spend time this evening playing video games...so who knows, I may just be able to complete my goal.

The Novel: Men Of The Otherworld
The Author: Kelley Armstrong
Link: http://www.kelleyarmstrong.com/aMOTOW.htm

As a fan of Kelley Armstrong and her Otherworld series, I was glad that she had written Men Of The Otherworld. I enjoyed the look into some of my favourite character's pasts. It's nice to see the story and the motivation behind the characters and their behaviours.
The book was well written and kept me entertained the whole way through. This is a book that a person could read without having read the other Otherworld books.
Fans of Kelley Armstrong should definitely read this book, and those who have not read her books before, Men Of The Otherworld is a good place to start.

I give "Men Of The Otherworld" a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Now enough blogging for me, time to get reading again.....deadlines, deadlines. Fortunately for me I work best under pressure.

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