Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Well Did I Do It?

Did I read 25 books this month? Nope. Dang it! I was just way too tired. I couldn't read more than 3 novels yesterday.
I tried, sleep won the battle.
I feel a little disappointed in myself as I was one book away from meeting my mini goal...but then I though "ah fuggedaboutit...I'm not even getting paid to do this, it's not a job just a personal goal, it's not a biggie"
And really how hard will it be to read 26 books this next month instead of 25 (probably hard if I slack off, which I won't thank you very much)
I need a new strategy, I have to try harder to read most of the books at the beginning of the month rather than at the end when I'm freaking out and trying to jam 4 books into one day.
It should be easier to get my reading done now that Little Miss is in school full day (whoot!). I just have to retrain my body to sleep at night and read during the day. My whole sleep-read-eat cycle is messed up. Time to smarten the heck up and be a normal person who doesn't read until 4 am.
Anyway, off topic...but isn't my kitty so cute. Tarantino wasn't happy that I didn't finish my mini goal, can you tell from his expression in the picture?? See that look, it's a look of disappointment, or maybe hunger? dunno.
So to get back to the topic at hand, my reading goals. I will have read 75 books (total) byOctober 8th, thereby getting back on track to the ultimate goal of 300 books in a year.
Alright then? Good!

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