Thursday, July 9, 2009

Book Number 1

So last night I read book #1 in my "300 books in a year" challenge. It was great. I finished it in 4 hours. That's with pee breaks and time to have 2 ice cream cones. And yes it was a full sized novel so it counts.
The Novel : Home Safe
The Author: Elizabeth Berg

When I went to the library to pick out a few books, Home Safe was on the 7 day loan shelf. The librarian did her duty to remind me that any 7 day loaner books overdue would result in a $1.50 fine per day. I of course was surprised (does she not realize that it's me, the chick who reads a book or two a day and quite possibly keeps the library in business) But I was sure to tell her that I'd read "Home Safe" first.
At home I debated on reading a different novel first just because I can be snarky like that, but I felt a little guilty since the librarian is a nice lady and I did promise.

Here's a link with a blurb about the book. It saves me time from typing out what it's all about.

So I guess I should give my opinion about the book. Just because I read it in 4 hours doesn't mean anything, I could have hated it and hurried to finish it so I could start another book. But I didn't hate it.

The book was fantastic!

I really enjoyed this Novel. It was well written, very descriptive. I laughed out loud in parts, I almost cried during other parts. It had every element that I look for in a novel. It was articulate, humorous, realistic. I could feel the relationship between the main character and her daughter, I could feel the mother's need to meddle and I also felt irritated on the daughter's behalf. It felt true to real life and real mother daughter relationships with a bit of humorous dysfunction thrown in.

I give "Home Safe" a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

I've added Elizabeth Berg to my list of "Author's I need to read more of". In fact I've put on hold several of her other novels at the library. So you likely will see more novels from this Author on my list of 300. Of course I cannot assume all her works will entertain me as much as Home Safe did, but I will be surprised if her writing will disappoint me. :o)

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