Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Book Number 8

Book # 8 was a quick and easy read for me. I enjoyed every minute of my reading time with this book and I'm only sad that it finished so quickly and now I'm going to have to wait forever for the next in the series to be published.

The Novel: Dead And Gone
The Author: Charlaine Harris

Novel Summary: From the Publisher
Now an HBO original series, "True Blood"-the "New York Times" bestselling Sookie Stackhouse series continues. Except for Sookie Stackhouse, folks in Bon Temps, Louisiana, know little about vamps-and nothing about weres. Until now. The weres and shifters have finally decided to reveal their existence to the ordinary world. At first all goes well. Then the mutilated body of a were-panther is found near the bar where Sookie works-and she feels compelled to discover who, human or otherwise, did it
. But there's a far greater danger threatening Bon Temps. A race of unhuman beings-older, more powerful, and more secretive than vampires or werewolves-is preparing for war. And Sookie finds herself an all-too human pawn in their battle.

I always enjoy books written by Charlaine Harris. Dead and Gone is the most recent book of her Sookie Stackhouse/ Southern Vampire series. She stayed true to the characters and theme. I found the book very entertaining. It wasn't the "same old same old" with Dead and Gone. Charlaine Harris ups the stakes with this book.
I enjoyed her expanding on the fairy component in this book. I don't want to spoil the book, but I enjoyed how the novel wasn't just central to vampires, all sort of other "supes" were being represented in this book.
Eventhough Dead and Gone is the ninth book in the Sookie Stackhouse series, it wasn't lacking in character description or plot twists. Some of the novel surrounded past events (the explosion at the Pyramid of Gizeh hotel, Sookie's brothers marriage) But Charlaine Harris gives enough description that someone who might not have read the previous novels would still be able to keep up. (but as you know, I am an advocate of reading books in order. Therefore I recommend reading the previous novels first...if only to develop a true love of the characters)

I enjoyed this novel because it had several elements that I look for in a novel; steamy romance, violence, drama, mystery, humour, and some supernatural happenings.
The characters in this novel are easy to either love or hate, or have conflicted feelings about others (Sookie's brother).

I give "Dead and Gone" a rating of 4 out of 5.

My only regret about reading this book is that I'm going to have to wait so long for the next one in the series. I am fully caught up in the Sookie Stackhouse series and I am not a patient person this is going to be a sad time for me to not get my Sookie fix. I am planning to watch the True Blood series on dvd, so I guess that will keep me entertained for a few days anyway. I just hope the TV adaptation is true to the novels. There is nothing worse than a crappy book to movie/tv adaptation.

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