Thursday, July 30, 2009

Book Number 12

Book #12 went fast. It was a super short book, so short in fact that it prompted me to google the difference between a novel and a novella (novella's don't count for my least thus far they don't, but I have the prerogative to change the rules as I please...). According to what I read, this book does count as a novel at 248 pages (large print).

The Novel: Durable Goods
The Author: Elizabeth Berg

Durable goods was a well written book. It really packed a lot of emotion and information into such a short novel. A story of childhood abuse from the POV of the victim, really pulls at the heartstrings.
Katie the main character is strong in the face of her life's circumstances. Elizabeth Berg has a way of writing that makes you take a look at your own life and the meaning found in the way you live out each day.
Each character is well described physically and emotionally, so as that you get a real sense of who they are and thusly become invested in their lives and well being.

I give "Durable Goods" a rating of 3.75 out of 5.

I'm really looking forward to reading "Joy School" and "True to Form", the books following Katie's life. I can only imagine that the following books will be as well written as Durable Goods, and I look forward to reading more about Katie and her perseverance in the face of her challenges with her father and life.

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