Friday, July 10, 2009

So Freakin' Tired

Well here I am up and awake at 10:30 am, which is ridiculous in my opinion. I read until 3:45 this am.
Not the reading part, but the having to get up at a reasonable time part. I was actually up way earlier but I nodded off on the couch while the kidlet was watching treehouse.
(Oh and I have to say treehouse can bring on some really messed up dreams, no joke. Ever see Dora with razor sharp teeth? not the most attractive)

I did promise to not neglect my parental duties, hence why I'm up at a stupid time when all I want to do is sleep.

Oh, and by the way, even though I finished a book at quarter to 4 this morning, it still counts as a book read last night. If I don't sleep until the book is finished then it means I finished it on the day I started it. Don't argue, it's my challenge, my rules. (Gee a little snotty this am, I wonder why?)

Now the choice that faces me this morning (er...afternoon) do I shower? or do I read?
Little miss has requested a movie (from the library no less) therefore I feel I am "allowed" to read. But do I read or do I take a nice shower without having to worry that my child will decide it's a good time to start searching for candy or sneak outside to pick berries that aren't ripe?

Well....I am only 2 books into a 300 book challenge, and I don't want to be up until all hours reading again tonight, and I've got a fat stack of books waiting to be read, and and and.....

I think I've decided. books it is. smelling fresh is overrated, as is wearing proper clothing instead of PJ's all day. Besides how else am I going to be nominated for What Not To Wear if I don't rock the jammies more often than I should?

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  1. Haha you are really funny!! :)
    But what was this book you just read??