Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reading Interrupted

I've done a lot of reading this week. It's been nice. The only problem is that I've ran out of books.

I have one unread book here, but it's a second book in a series of three and I'm waiting for the first book to arrive for me at the library. I hate reading books out of sequence if they have a central theme or characters.
That's why, when I started reading some J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts alter ego) I had accidentally started with one of the middle books in the "in death series" , I didn't go back and read the beginning books, I just went forward with the series and figured out past story lines from snippets from the newer books. I probably missed out on some good reading, but it's a pet peeve of mine to read stuff after its already happened in fictionland.

I would have went to the library since I have several books on hold waiting for me there, but husband forgot to take me yesterday and the library was closed early today. sigh, whine, cry. I'mmmmmm borrrrrredddddddddddddd (said in my best whiny kid voice) TV is not a good solution for me today, I don't want to undo all the smarts I've gained from reading so much.

I had a nice time reading the last few days while Little Miss has played for hours at the park. The only problem was that reading at the park is a little like watching a movie and pausing it every five minutes to get a snack. I'd read a bit, look up, look for my daughter watch her play with some kid (or argue with some kid), then read some more, a few minutes goes by I look up to see my daughter chase a bunny, yell at little miss (politely so as not to have other parents judge), go back to reading, few more minutes go by and I have to push LM on the swing, or chase around the park, or look at a cool bug, or make a washroom stop....then go back to read...and so on....
I have done this for the last 4 days in a row. I didn't want to be at the park this much and for that long (from 8am- 4pm, with a 2 hour swim at the pool in the middle of the day) But husband's and my schedule just worked out that way. At least someone in the family was happy to be at the park and make new friends.
I suppose if I were at home I wouldn't have had as much "free" time to read, but even still, interrupted reading is a little like interrupted sleep, leaves me unsatisfied and a little cranky.

I wonder if I'll go through book withdrawals and have to read one of my husbands lame books......nah, never going to happen. Maybe I'll reread one from my collection (it counts, see the rules in my first post)

Maybe it's good that I don't have any books. Maybe now I can actually get some proper sleep. You know you're tired when you aren't even ashamed that you've left drool marks on your chin and shirt because "hey at least I got to have a quick nap" And sure, it wasn't ideal that the nap was in the car on the way to the park (no I wasn't driving) but damn, that seat was sure comfortable. Hey at least I didn't fall asleep at the pool (kinda hard to do when you're being splashed in the face or nearly strangled because "someone" can't touch in the deep part and refuses to practice her back starfish float.....) I did nod off in the park though, I don't even care if I snored (which I usually do, loudly) But every time I felt my chin hit my chest (aka rubbernecking it) I'd jump up and make sure little miss was where she's supposed to be. Damn this responsible parenting, why couldn't I have just let her play without supervision, sheesh. That's how I roll, man.

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