Friday, July 24, 2009

Book Number 9

I finished book #9 a few days ago, I'm just really behind in my blogging. It's so hot out, and I'm so busy it seems all the information in my head is jumbling together. I had a hard time remembering the title of book #9, the author, or even what it was about..... It wasn't because it was a bad book, it's just my mind seems to be mush...or maybe because I donated my blood (and my smarts with it)

The Novel: Cruel Intent
The Author: J.A Jance

I enjoyed this book, despite the fact that it is the fourth book in a series I've never read before (don't even get me started).
I found this book to be very interesting and suspenseful. There was good character development, with some character description of the recurring characters. I got a pretty good feel for the characters, but maybe not as much detail as I would have liked since I am new to this series and this set of characters. That's understandable though, since it would have been redundant for the author to go into great detail and "relive" all the back stories. It would have been a waste of time and other readers would be annoyed since they don't want the new novel to be a recap of the previous 3. And this is why I hate starting a series in the middle....arrrrgggg....
At any rate I got a small glimpse into the back stories without the author having to write information that didn't pertain to this novel.

One element of this book surrounds a dating website and the website creators "misuse" of information (credit card info and the like...not to mention the access to murder victims....)
After reading this I felt even more justified in my paranoia of certain websites, and it made me feel even more justified in the fact that I haven't joined facebook or other social networking sites (blogging doesn't count, in my opinion, lol)

I was intrigued by this novel. It kept me entertained (once I got past the fact that it's a series, grrrr) I was fascinated by the killer and his motivation, I was scared for the victims, and I was rooting for the good guys. All in all this book was pretty good and I'll be looking into other novels from this author.

I give "Cruel Intent" a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

This is what happens when I go to the library and pick out books willy-nilly, it never fails that I'll get a book mid-series. I guess I should really get over my peeve and try to look at each book individually for its own merit, but it's so bloody hard when I know that there is probably so much interesting back story that I've missed out on.

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