Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sleep, Blissfull Sleep!

I finally got a full 8...well more like a full 12. I went to bed late last night but I made up for it by sleeping until noon. Like I said I would. See I don't lie...well...not about sleeping anyway.

I was worried about not having anything to read, but I looked through my books and found one I haven't read before. I can't recall why I didn't read it, but I was glad it was there.
I spent the day out with Little Miss yesterday, but thankfully we only spent a few hours at the park instead of a whole day (I'll be a happy woman if I don't see another park for a very long time). I didn't get much time to read book #7 but it was still a nice day.
We stopped in at the library (not my local) and while LM was playing on the computers set up with kids learning games, I fell asleep in my chair.
To snore in the park is one thing, but snoring in a quiet library is another. I guess LM was embarrassed though since she nudged me and whispered loudly "Mumma, you're snoring, it's louddddddddd"
After that we spent some time at the farmers market and wandered around down town blowing bubbles, eating icecream, talking with a homeless man.....
So there, I'm fully justified in not finishing book #7 yet.
I'm not as justified today though, I could have read all day but I decided falling asleep in public doesn't do well for my "good mum" image, so I thought sleeping in on a Saturday is more important than reading (gasp, what?!).

I'm pretty excited. I won't have to worry about being bookless for a long time. After we got home (into our town) we made a trip to the local library. I spent some time picking out 5 books and found that I also had 5 on hold there for me as well. So I walked out of there with my arms full, my heart happy, and my brain going "what the hell are you thinking woman".
I am going to try and read a more diverse selection of books, I decided to pick up some science fiction, some mystery, and some horror, in addition to the other fiction I've been reading. I don't think I'm going to tackle the romance genre for awhile. I feel that romance novels can be really well done, or really mind numbingly stupid. Just because it's got some boobs and wieners, it doesn't mean it's going to have a good story (too bad though...although some books might be improved if they also included pictures.....I'm just saying is all....)

Anyway, I'm half way through book #7, hopefully I'll be finished tonight since I plan to sleep in tomorrow as well.

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