Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Ratings, My Way

Well you won't see me giving a book a rating in star form (I'm not fancy), or thumbs up form (I've only got 2 thumbs, doesn't give much choice there). I'm doing the good ol' out of 5 rating system.
It's a pretty easy system to figure out, and I really probably should have explained it earlier, but I've been lazy. 1 being a low score and 5 being super high.

Here's how I break it down:
1 = wow, did I just read this crap? Holy shit I need to set my brain on fire to forget all the stupid piss poor writing I just read.

2 = marginally better than a 1 rating , more of a "meh" this book is ok, but I probably won't check out this author again, unless I forget that I read him/her...(this happens more often than you'd think)

3 = Not bad. I'd read more by the author, but I'll make sure I read the book blurb (synopsis) first.

4 = kick ass. A 4 rating means the novel had most elements I look for in my literature. Either funny, sad, dramatic, suspenseful,'s got at least 1 of these and it's done well.

5 = ummmm, well I dunno. I guess the book has to have at least several of the elements I look for. I think if a book makes me laugh, cry and get angry it's got a lot going for it. Also I will only rate a book a 5 if I decide that I must straight away go out and buy said book. As you may know I can be pretty cheap when it comes to buying books (because really how often does a person read a novel more than once or twice??) But every once in awhile I think "hey this book was awesome, I think I'll want little miss to read this when she's older".

I do give novels additional 1/4, 1/2 & 3/4 ratings as well. Sometimes a novel just doesn't fit nicely in the 1-5 range, sometimes it rates just a little more. Or sometimes it doesn't quite reach a higher rating because it's missing just a little something for me to give it a better rating.

Don't ask me to justify my reasoning, it is what it is.

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