Saturday, July 11, 2009


I should have finished reading book number 3 by now, right? Didn't happen.
So many distractions, I guess getting clean is more important than reading crap.
So what's more interesting to me than reading book #3???
1. Buying car insurance
2. Watching my two cats duke it out for the title belt
3. Watching my husband do dishes, mow the law, talk with the neighbour, separate the cats
4. Picking off my chipping nail polish
5. Pretty much anything at this point

I'll finish book 3 tonight. I have to. I have 2 other books waiting for me, that I'm sure will be vastly better than book #3.

I'm not saying what book #3 is until I finish it, I won't give my rating until I'm done (just in case someone took over writing the rest of the book and made it better).

Time to head to the park. Maybe I'll get some reading done there, or maybe I'll people watch instead..... But "dang it bobby" this book will be finished tonight!

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