Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Book Number 11

Book Number 11 didn't take me long to finish at all. It was also a sequel to a book I haven't read...but I did see the movie based on the premise of the first book so I wasn't lost reading this book.

The Novel: Reflex
The Author: Steven Gould

Reflex is the sequel to the novel Jumper. I haven't read Jumper, but I did see the movie. If this book is any indication, then the first novel was probably way better than the movie. I don't know how closely related the novel and the movie are however.

This book was awesome. I was totally intrigued with the story. It was action packed and involved all sorts of interesting characters. I identified with Millie (one of the main characters) and wish I could be as awesome as her. I enjoyed the levels of subterfuge within certain agencies, while at the same time I could understand the frustration of the people dealing with said agencies.
The author does a stellar job at scene and character descriptions. I felt as though I was there, seeing all that was happening.
The ending seemed to have wrapped up rather quickly and nicely. I didn't mind though. The book had a lot of action-adventure-fantasticalness so the quick ending wasn't a problem for me.

I give "Reflex" a rating of 4 out of 5.

I picked Reflex at the library because I figured I should read some science fiction to add some variety to my reading time. I enjoy science fiction but I find it can get just a little too hokey for my taste, so I'm selective about who I read in this genre. I will probably look into other books by Steven Gould as I really enjoyed Reflex.

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