Sunday, July 12, 2009


So I feel like I'm falling behind already. I blame it on the last book. It's suckiness threw me off of my reading motivation. I'm book shy now. I'm afraid of reading another book that will make me want to yawn, or barf, or poke my eyes out.

I have started book number 4 though. So far it's not too bad. I doubt I'll finish it tonight however.
I'm not worried, I have lots of reading time coming up with full days spent at the park or the beach with Little Miss. She'll be enjoying some good old fashioned playtime and I'll get to meet my book reading goals. And I can feel good about it because I'm not letting my child become a summer TV zombie......remember those summers with back to back episodes of Saved By The Bell.......uh yeah, me neither..........

Anyway, I'm pretty optimistic that I'll finish it early tomorrow, so that I can start book number 5, and get back on a good reading rhythm.
Check out my perserverance!! whoot!
Now if only I can do the same with exercise maybe I wouldn't feel so bad about my snack to book ratio, which results in a horrible, boob to tummy to arse ratio.
Wait...rolling down a hill at the park IS exercise, even if it's not done with grace, or on purpose.

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