Monday, July 13, 2009

Book Number 4

Finished another book. yay me!

It was a good one too. Thank god. I don't know if my fragile mind could have taken 2 crappy books in a row.

The Novel: Backward in High Heels
The Author: Judith Kelman


I really enjoyed this novel. It was easy reading. It was a well developed story with multiple characters, some with zany personalities.
I really got into the story, I felt emotional for the central character. I was rooting her on during her strong moments and thinking "suck it up buttercup" during her weak ones.
I really like stories when you can get emotionally involved with the characters. What is a story without good character development, right?
The plot was the common theme of he cheats on her (arse)- she finds her self (yay). But it was done really well.
I laughed a lot during the book and I even felt a little teary during parts. It had all the elements I require for a nice enjoyable read.

I give "Backward in High Heels" a rating of 4 out of 5.

This is my first experience with this Author. I've read that she normally writes suspense novels. I'm looking forward to checking out more of her books in the future. I'd like to see how she uses her witty writing style in a different genre.

It was worth staying up, way past what I thought I was capable of today, to finish this book. Sure I'll suffer tomorrow at my 5:30am wake up's where everyone is supposed to feel sorry for me.....But it was worth it....And damn straight I'll be sleeping in on the weekend, until noon at least....
So tired....and I ask you this, How is it possible that a kid can play all day long running from the swings, to the monkey bars, to the slide, then swim at the pool for 2 hours, then back to the park and stay up WAY past her bedtime and still complain that I'm not fair?!.....I'll tell you whats not fair, the amount of exercise it takes to keep up with her...and did I get a chance to read? Nope I had to do that after she was in bed. See I do deserve to sleep in on the weekend (again, I'm looking for sympathy)

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