Monday, August 24, 2009

The Big Time Out 2009

I have to mention that I had The Best Time at "The Big Time Out 2009" Concert the other weekend (15th). We saw and listened to so many good bands, it was awesome. As you can see from the pic of Little Miss, she had a great time too.
We were all so excited to see Mother Mother play live. Little Miss asked several times to listen to their CD over and over and over.
But wouldn't you know it, she happens to fall asleep right before her favourite song. She was so upset in the car on the way home after midnight, ((talk about getting our money's worth (noon- midnight..ish)). So we listened to the CD again on the way home. I didn't complain, I was all hyped from the concert...and hubby needed some music to keep him alert for the long drive home.
I enjoyed so much of the concert, the music, the performances, the food, the outhouses (well, not really...but they didn't stink at all! yay for that!)
There was also some drama with some peeps around us. A guy almost had his car jacked by his ex wife. Other people were sleeping on the grass (or enjoying the music really stoned??dunno) and they were trampled several times...but hey it was dark and y'all were laying down...what do you expect.....AND I believe that if you're there to enjoy a concert there should be no napping (unless you're a kid).
I saw the neatest looking woman with her cool hippie style (I was ultra jealous) I covet her orange flowy hippie pants so much (not as ghastly as they sound). There were so many interesting people around, it was great. One guy with a mullet, another with a rasta hat, several people were rocking the bands t-shirts, a couple of females all dolled up (why? you're in a field, it's a concert not a runway show.....and why do you think that just because you're pretty you can just budge in line at the porta potty????????)
Anyway, it was fun and I really want to go again next year. So many bands that I now love. Is it just me or does everything sound better in an open field, sung live, and with cool people wandering around on stilts and the neat talented people rocking the hoola-hoop like I've never seen....
These performers/musicians/dancers/ marching talented.....
Okay I'm slightly ashamed to admit, I even got a chance to read some of a book while I was there. Whatevs, there was some down time between performers.
I also was really impressed at how clean the event was. There were several cans labeled recycling, compost, landfill & returns. I thought this was a brilliant idea. They even had people working there that checked the cans and made sure stuff went into the right can (although I was slightly put off when one of the workers ate his dinner, still wearing the same gloves he used to pick garbage out of the cans with...I had to look away, gag factor was high).
There was even a cool kids section with play-doh, and lego and other cool things. They even had free sunscreen.
The Big Time Out 2009 was truly a well organized family fun event. If there was any rowdiness going on at the beer gardens I didn't notice.

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