Sunday, August 9, 2009

Book Number 21

I'll admit I have read A LOT of Charlaine Harris in the last while (you'll see the next 3 book reviews after this one are all Charlaine Harris) Sorry 'bout that. It just seemed like I could get through these books faster, and as you know I'm on a deadline.....

The Novel: Shakespeare's Landlord
The Author: Charlaine Harris

This novel is the first in the Lily Bard series. I started this series all excited thinking it's going to be as entertaining as the Sookie Stackhouse series or even the Aurora Teagarden series.....
Yeah, it's not.
This novel starts out really dry. Lily Bard is a character I don't really like. I'm not emotionally invested in this book or the characters until 2/3's of the way through.
The book does get a bit better, but I can't help but compare this novel to other books that Charlaine Harris has written.
I did enjoy the plot and the suspense, Charlaine Harris didn't go wrong there.
The scene description is pretty well done as well.....I guess I find that a novel is only as good as the characters involved??? I don't know....
This book was ok, not great, just ok. Will I read the rest in the series? Yes, because I feel compelled to see if it improves.

I give "Shakespeare's Landlord" a rating of 2.75 out of 5.

Now I feel bad that I've given a bad review to a pretty good writer.....ah well it's not as if she's going to ever see this blog.

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