Thursday, August 20, 2009

Book Number 30

Book #30 was another one of those "I must pick out a random book at the library, and it should be a male author...hey look at this, I didn't know Jimmy Buffett wrote novels, cool let's give it a go"

The Novel: Swine Not?
The Author: Jimmy Buffett

This novel wasn't what I expected, at all. After picking up this novel I did a bit of research into Jimmy Buffet's writing career, and I had heard good things about most of his novels. So I guess I went into this reading experience expecting a lot.
I was wrong to assume (ass-u-me?? yep)
This book is "supposed" to be a novel for adults. In reality it's a poorly disguised children's novel.
There wasn't much in the way of character description (physically) although I did have a glimpse into some of the character's (Rumpy the pig) inner workings and it was interesting.
What I found to be interesting (not necessarily in a good way) is that one of Jimmy Buffet's friends had written a manuscript with the whole concept of a pig living in an hotel. Jimmy was supposed to edit it and get it ready for it to be sent to publishers. Instead he took the idea, expanded on it (with the friends permission) and turned out a novel. He fully admits this in his book.
Overall, I didn't mind the book as a quick escape from the long day I had, but it's not "The Great American Novel" that's for sure. I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it, however I think my 6 year old wouldn't mind the tale if I read it to her.

I give "Swine Not?" a rating of 2 out of 5.

I am still willing to give Jimmy Buffett another try, but this time I'll actually get a book that has several good reviews. Although it may be awhile before I get around to reading any more of his works.

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