Monday, August 24, 2009

Book Number 33

Charlaine Harris again, Yay! I really love most of her writing.

The Novel: A Secret Rage
The Author: Charlaine Harris

I was really happy to read a "stand alone" book of Charlaine Harris's. As her second novel published, it's a good one.
I enjoy a good mystery with a dark subject matter. This story was written in the first person POV and deals with a harsh crime (Rape).
We see this horrific experience through the main characters eyes and watch how she deals with it, as well as how she strives to find the rapist.
I was right there along with the character trying to figure out whodunit, and was cheering her on when she had some nasty violent vigilante thoughts.
There isn't the usual humour that you find in most of Charlaine Harris's books, but that's ok because the story was well done and humour was not needed at all.
This was a strong book with a strong central character. Charlaine Harris did a wonderful job navigating this painful and delicate subject.

I give "A Secret Rage" a rating of 3.75 out of 5.

I recently read that Charlaine Harris herself is a rape survivor. I admire her strength and I hope writing this novel was cathartic for her.

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