Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Book Number 18

So I started book #18 last night, I almost finished it but it was 4:30am and I really needed to sleep. I'm glad I waited until today to finish the book so that I was alert and able to fully appreciate the ending.

The Novel: Talk Before Sleep
The Author: Elizabeth Berg

Wow, this book was amazing. It's plot is so simple really, a story of friends and one is battling cancer and close to death. It seems like a pretty straight forward story, but it is so rich and profound, the characters love for one another (friend love), the emotions, all of it....sigh...
I found Talk Before Sleep so beautifully descriptive. You learn about the characters, not just by how they're described, but also how they talk and relate to one another and the events that are happening to them.
There is no rushing with this book. Everything is described in such detail, the colours, smells, textures.... The images are so vivid in my mind, it's as if I'm there experiencing everything with the characters.
So beautiful, so poignant. I am in awe at Elizabeth Berg's talent for taking such an emotional subject and making it so beautiful and heart-wrenching.
I give "Talk Before Sleep" a rating of 4.75 out of 5.

Sadness, humour, has it all. Beautiful.


  1. Hmm maybe I will try this one.
    Thanx Nikki

  2. hey
    your sister told me to check out your blog because i have a blog about books as well.
    your blog makes me feel as though i'm slacking off as a reading because you read like, one or two books a day!!
    look at my blog if you get the chance :)
    happy reading :)
    paige mermaid