Monday, August 24, 2009

Book Number 34

I decided to give this author another try. I've read books by her that I've enjoyed and some that I didn't like at all.

The Novel: Sleeping Arrangements
The Author: Madeleine Wickham

Well, I went into this novel not knowing what to expect. I've enjoyed novels by Madeleine before, and I especially enjoy the novels written as her alter ego Sophie Kinsella....but I've been disappointed in the past so I was wary....
I enjoyed this novel. Sleeping Arrangements was well written and entertaining. Most characters were colourful and well described.
I was amused at the situation and I could feel the tension building amongst the characters. I was appropriately appalled at times and laughed out loud at other instances.
This novel was a nice read and I finished it rather quickly. This is the kind of novel I have come to know and love from this author and I feel she's redeemed herself since the last book of hers that I read (A Desirable Residence....DID NOT LIKE)

I give "Sleeping Arrangements" a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

I'm glad I liked this novel, or I might have been put off by Madeleine Wickham / Sophie Kinsella, for awhile.

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