Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tired & Excited

Tired and still in my PJ's. I hope we don't have any visitors today because I am seriously thinking about not getting dressed.

There is a reason people go to sleep at a reasonable time.
I decided last night that my 4 am bedtimes are not acceptable, and could be the leading cause of me being a giant crankenstein in the morning (who am I kidding, the afternoon is more like it).

So I went to bed at a reasonable time last night (11pm). I got all settled in and decided, well since I'm here I'll just read a bit.
Finally I look at the clock, it can't be too late right? 12:30am, dang it! Turn out the lights, and surprisingly I am asleep right away.
1:30am Hubby comes to bed, lights a blarin', doors a crashin', toothbrushes a vibratin'.....
me: "what the Hell!!??!!" look at clock, scowl at hubby, put a pillow over my head.
hubby looks at me sheepishly "sooooorrrrryyyyy"
me: "yeah you are!"
me again, standing up this time " Slave! Feet rubbing now! please"
Hubby, shrugs shoulders "ok"

And do you think I could get back to sleep after that? Nope.
Hubby is all settled in asleep snoring away, while I lay there with nice smooth moisturized feet and legs, but a really big snarl just on the cusp of being released from my mouth.
Oh, brilliant idea, I'll just listen to my ipod and instead of cool rocking music that's sure to keep me awake, I'll just listen to the score from the Lord of The Rings....
4 am, still flippin awake.

Tonight I'm wearing earplugs and will forgo the feet rubbing if it means I can get to sleep at a regular time.

**Oh, I am super excited! Only 3 more sleeps until I make the trek to Cumberland and get to see some of my favorite bands (Mother Mother) in concert.

Little Miss is excited too. It should be a really great Saturday and I don't even have to leave the Island. Now I have to think about what to pack for the day. Thank goodness I am really great at making lists, I shouldn't forget too many important things (like the tickets).

Maybe I'll make a list now while I'm awake and alert. Too many sleepless nights are probably killing brain cells, at this rate I won't have the mental capacity for making lists if I don't get some proper sleep soon.

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