Friday, August 28, 2009

Book Number 37

Back to the familiar with book #37.

The Novel: Shakespeare's Trollop
The Author: Charlaine Harris

This is another book of Charlaine Harris's that I knew what to expect so I wasn't surprised when I enjoyed this book.
I am still slightly put off by the character Lily Bard, she's just kinda cold...but that's the way she is....and I don't always have to love the main characters.
The book was as well written as the other 3 in the Lily Bard series. The plot was interesting enough to keep me reading (I finished it in a few hours).
The only issue I have is that it was fairly predictable. I find with some of Charlaine Harris's other series (ie: Sookie Stackhouse) she adds new elements to each book to spice it up a bit. The Lily Bard series doesn't really change much with each book. Although I still find it interesting enough to have the next book in the series sitting on my shelf waiting for me to read.

I give "Shakespeare's Trollop" a rating of 3.25 out of 5.

Pretty good, but not great.

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