Saturday, August 8, 2009

Book Number 20

Another good book. I've had a good run of books lately, some previously ordered from the library, others picked at random....either way I've had a bunch of interesting reading material to get me through this super hot summer.

The Novel: Dream When You're Feeling Blue
The Author: Elizabeth Berg

Another book set during a time when I wasn't born yet. Normally I avoid these types of books, because I like to be somewhat familiar with the ways of life and customs during the time a novel is set in (aside from sci-fi, which I expect to be somewhat or radically different than my current decade)......That being said, I am glad I got this novel. I found this novel, taking place during WWII, to be so well written and descriptive. I felt as though I was there and I didn't need to have lived during that time to get a real view into what it was like back then.
Elizabeth Berg fills her novel with such minute and realistic details about the era, I can immerse myself into the story and not feel lost at all. She takes her time to get the reader thoroughly engaged and acclimated to the setting that the story, it's characters and it's plot just fall into place nicely.
I enjoy how each of her characters are lovable yet flawed, which makes them much more real and gives the reader a chance to become emotionally invested.
The ending.....what can I say.....interesting twist.....not sure how I feel about it. I was so involved with the main character Kitty, that I had a certain expectation for her and her life, and the ending changed all that. The ending was interesting for sure, but, just like real life, doesn't follow what everyone would necessarily want... regardless, it was still well written......

I give "Dream When You're Feeling Blue" a rating of 4 out of 5.

I really enjoy Elizabeth Berg's writing. She is near the top of my fave author's list, which is why she'll often be featured during this 300 book challenge. I'm going to continue to read books written by her until I've read them all.

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