Monday, August 24, 2009

Book Number 32

Another male author to make the female to male author ratio a little more fair (32:7)

The Novel: The Inhabited World
The Author: David Long

I enjoyed this novel. It was thought provoking and captivating. The character development was impressive.
There was a distinct attention to detail as the main character Evan delves into his (past) life and his observances during his time spent in his purgatorial existence.
We have a look at the families that have lived in Evan's house after he died from Evan's point of view. Each family had it's own distinct attributes and quirks, which made the little looks into their lives all the more interesting.
The story has an interesting flow as it jumps from the past to the present and back. I enjoyed the look into Evan's life this way as the author took his time with giving the reader the full picture.

I give "The Inhabited World" a rating of 4.25 out of 5.

Another good choice for a "random library pick". I will check out some other works by David Long as I found this book interesting and well written.

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