Sunday, August 30, 2009

Book Number 39

I heart David Morrell's writing. Another book that could be made into an action packed movie.

The Novel: Scavenger
The Author: David Morrell

The second in the Frank Balenger series (first being Creepers). This book was as well written and entertaining as the first.
I was sucked in immediately. As I was reading I was seeing an action movie in my head.
I was sufficiently grossed out in parts, fascinated in others, and just enthralled with the whole book.
I enjoy how David Morrell introduces information about interesting subjects into his books (geocaching, time capsules, etc) This man knows what he writes, and does it well.
I always enjoy a novel that has me doing research about it's topics. I find that Scavenger and Creepers both had me googling like crazy.

I give "Scavenger" a rating of 4.25 out of 5.

If you enjoy David Morrell's writing then I think you'd also enjoy books written by James Rollins (Amazonia, Subterranean, etc)
Both authors have a way with words and know their outdoorsy survival techniques.

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